ISO Clerodendrum thomsoniae (bleeding heart vine)

I’m looking for the white & red variety

Have lots of houseplants, begonias, succulents to trade

Omg I wish I had this. I just saw one at a city garden in my area. It was mature and huge and beautiful! If I can get a clipping and you still haven’t found me I’ll let you know!!

Please let me know if you do get a cutting! It sounds like they root easily from tip cuttings…
My mother had one that took over a wall when I was a kid, but I haven’t been able to find one at any of my local nurseries now that I have my own place to fill…

I have bleeding heart vine! But I’m brand new here and don’t know how the site works yet :confused:

You simply offer up a trade if you have something someone wants! What are you looking for?
If you have enough to share with me too, I’d love to trade with you. Most people message each other through Instagram to work out details.
Happy swapping!


That sounds like plant goals! And it seems you’ve found a swap friend!:raised_hands::raised_hands: Good luck!

I would be happy to trade, if you have Instagram I’m there as @leafed.coast, but I’m happy to switch to messaging here if that works better for you

I think I was already following you! I’m dreadedbaglady on IG

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