ISO: Burle Marx fantasy, Hoyas, Philodendrons

Hoyas, anthurium, philodendron

Available for trade
Monstera Adonsii
Monstera tetrasperma
Monstera deliciosa
Hoya curtsii
Hoya krinkle
Hoya crimson princess
Hoya tricolor
Hoya Obovata Hoya publicalyx splash
Shooting star Hoya
Var. Hoya compacta
Philodendron red emerald
Heart leaf pothos
Marble queen pothos
Ficus triangularis
Raven zz
ZZ plant
Begonia maculata
String of hearts
Var. string of hearts
Silver glory string of hearts

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Hi, I’m looking for silver glory. Are you interested in cream splash or Rio? My nursery said it’s cream splash, but it could be Rio, I don’t know. I can take pics later if you’re interested. I also have lemon lime, full plant of Brazil, rooted cuttings of bipennifolium, and rooted top cutting of golden goddess.

Oh and I also have hoya bella