ISO:Anyone have Syngonium erythrophyllum 'Llano-Carti road' to trade?

Hi, let me know what you’re looking to trade for it. I have philodendrons and some other things. Thanks!

Yes! What philodendrons do you have?

Hi, yay, thank you! I’m out right now, but will get in touch in a little while!

Hi! I am interested in this beauty!! I have lots of rare plants. Let me know if you are interested in a trade and what you are looking for :sob:

Awesome! I’d love to trade! I kept messing up posting, I hope it goes through this time.
I tend to love philodendrons, but I’m pretty open! What do you have that you’d be willing to trade? Thanks!

If you want to go like my Facebook page we can talk more and you can see some of the plants I have posted. :blush:
The page is called Hip Node Tropics Rare and Exotic Plants.
Just message me on there and let me know you are from here! :hugs:

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Hi, I think I messaged you from my facebook! If it didn’t work let me know and I will again :slight_smile: