Iso any houseplants!

i’m trying to grow my plant collection! anyone with free plants or plants to trade, feel free to shoot me a message. (warning, i’m mainly trading cuttings at the moment, full plants will be specified)

here are some plants i currently own that i would be willing to to trade:
-red veined maranta
-english ivy
-golden pothos
-dumb cane
-assorted rooted succulent leaves
-aloe vera offspring (not cuttings)
-string of tears
-pilea peperomoides offspring (not cuttings)
-sanseveria zeylanica & trifacsiata (both cuttings & full plants)
-silver dichondra
-jade plant succulent (full plant or cutting)
-kalanchoe thrisiflora (full plant)
-ficus elastica ruby

i’m willing to ship or do in-person trades.

Are you interested in Pilea peperomioides? Jade pothos?

@powdersalt Would you like a sempervivum? They’re very tight-knit leaves in a rosette shape and require less water than most succulents but are also more forgiving to overwatering.