ISO anthuriums & velvety philodendrons

I have over 100 plants that I would be able to take cuttings from. You can see my plants on my plant IG: vikizplants

I’m looking for velvety anthuriums and Philodendrons. Also more uncommon hoya and chocolate aglaonema.

Here is some of what I have, I can root prior to sending if that is preferred.

Hoya: carnosa, crimson queen and princess, linearis, variegated kentiana, obovata, mathilde, polynuera, pubicalyx, hindu rope

Philo:micans, silver stripe/Rio, brasil, neon, heartleaf.

Also have caladiums, begonia maculata, peperomia, cissus, succulents, tradescantia nanouk, monstera adansonii, Fishbone cactus, and many more.

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Interested in your verrucosum. Have hoya sunrise, tsangii, shepardii, wayetti, Chelsea, and memoria to trade! Can check in the morning if anything else is ready but msg me on Instagram @stay.rooted_

Hi, if you’d be interested in hoya bella (I can probably get a piece with roots for you), I’d be interested in a cutting of highly variegated silver scindapsus, variegated kentiana or brandi

Hi, I actually have cuttings of those propagating already. I’m hoping to trade the verrucosum for a Melano(or similar)

Hi, I am looking for Bella. Do you have IG to message details and photos easier?

Got cha. I have some monstera standleyana albo oof you’re interested In that

If you still have Standleyana albo I’m interested!