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tricolor wandering jew

Hi there! I have tons of rooted tricolor wandering jew and lots of peperomia that aren’t yet rooted. What are you looking to trade?

This may not be proper form, but I’m new here. Just butting in to say I’d also be a fan of a tricolor cutting or two if you have a bunch. I have String of Hearts, hypoestes, pilea norfolk, pothos, parlor palm, various succulents, and a couple Euphorbia cuttings to trade if you’re interested.

Sure! Would love to trade for string of hearts! Find me on IG @thathouseplantlife and we can talk details!

I have adansonii to trade. Do you have pics of the tricolor wandering jew?

I attached a photo of the cuttings in water, but I can get a better one to you! I’m out of town this weekend but can send them when I return on Monday :slight_smile:

Sorry, I thought your tricolor is one with the pink. I already have this one :slightly_smiling_face:. Thanks though!

I have tri color wandering jew! it is a very pretty pink/purple color!

Hi! Do you have pics?

I have a Hoya Carnosa what do you have to trade? I’m looking for string of pearls, hearts on a string, and Chinese money plant.

Sorry, I have that one already. I’m looking for the one with pink leaves. Thanks!