In search of: monstera obliqua, string of hearts, philodendrons, peperomia prostrata cuttings

I have cuttings of philodendron brasil, variegated green wandering jew, jade pothos, peperomia ruby cascade, arrowhead vine… others as well. Would love to trade!

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I have m. Adansonii to trade, obliqua is quite rare.

Ah, yes… I’ve since learned there is a difference between m. obliqua and m. adaronsii! What are you interested in trading?

Do you still have the p. Sodiroi?

I have 2 p. sodiroi cuttings but only one is rooted and that’s being negotiated over already. So yes, I do, but it’s not rooted. The leaf is also a little mangled, but it has a new bud coming off of it so I think it’ll be a good starter once it puts out roots!

Do you have any hoyas or peperomias (aside from ruby cascade)?

Hi! I am totally interested in the p. sodiroi cutting even if it’s a bit sad! Love those philodendrons!
I’ve got lots of adansonii and other things if you’d like to check out my post: I will say the calathea musaica cutting is on “hold” currently though


I have Hoya Carnosa variegata and peperomia caperata (schumi red). Neither rooted at this point though.

Did you copy and paste my wish list or something? Haha! I love all the ones you have available but especially interested in your p. gloriosum.

You can find me on IG @thathouseplantlife and I’ll send you a picture of the p. sodiroi cutting I have to see if you’d like to trade!

I just messaged you on instagram!

Still looking for String of Hearts? I’ve got a rather large one I just took cuttings from yesterday. Would you trade for P. Brazil?

I definitely am still looking for string of hearts! Would be happy to trade for philodendron brasil. If you find me on IG @thathouseplantlife we can talk details!

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Hey - I messaged you. :slight_smile:

hey there, did you get the String of Hearts already? That’s the only one on your wishlist I have rooted, but I am desperate to add peperomia ruby cascade to my collection!

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I’m interested in trading Peperomia Ruby Cascade for string of hearts…