In search of and have to trade/swap in Canada


I am looking for - Anthurium crystallinum, alocasia black velvet, philodendron gloriosum

I have the following some are young but all doing extremely well snake plants, prayer plant rattle snake , nephthytis arrowhead light green nephthytis strawberry creams. Philodendron Mican , angel wing begonia , alocasia Polly , anthurium red , string of hearts ( too young until spring ) rubber plant burgundy , monsteara , pothos marbel queen, neon pothos , Jade Pothos , bird of paradise , peace lily ( the big leaf one ) draecena Florida beauty , Fiddle leaf baby too young yet , pilea pepermoiodies , asparagus fern , heart leaf fern , lipstick plant , diffenbachia


hi what kind of angel wing begonia do you have?


Hello not the polka dot one it’s like this one and is just a rooting cutting so will not be ready until spring to cut