If you can ID it you can have it

I have no ID for these four, if anyone’s able to ID them I can send out a cutting. Alternatively if anyone would like to swap from the list at the bottom let me know

Chlorophytum comosum - Spider plant
Scindapsus pictus ‘argyraeus’ - Satin pothos
Coffea arabica - Arabian coffee
Sansevieria francisii -
Maranta leuconeura - Prayer plant
Ficus elastica - Rubber plant
Monstera deliciosa - Swiss cheese plant
Crassula marginalis - Calico kitten
Rhipsalis - Mistletoe cactus
Senecio rowleyanus - String of pearls
Ceropegia woodii - String of hearts
Peperomia polybotrya - Coin leaf peperomia
Crassula ovata - Jade plant
Muehlenbeckia complexa - Maidenhair vine
Clusia rosea - Autograph tree
Sedum rubrotinctum - Jelly bean plant
Lemon pelargonium -
Delosperma lehmannii - Ice plant
Callisia repens - Creeping inch plant
Ledebouria socialis - Wood hyacinth
Crassula perforata var. - String of buttons (variegated)
Peperomia Rotundifolia - Creeping buttons

Currently I’m after
Tephrocactus geometricus
Ficus pumila ‘snowflake’
Philodendron scandens
Peperomia argyreia
Epiphyllum anguliger
Pachphytum bracteosum
Opuntea subdulata

Top one looks like a Orbea variegata /starfish cactus :blush:
Second is peperomia ferreyrae / taco plant

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Haha would you like me to send you out some of these too? Thank you @Mildred.DOOM :blush:

I have the starfish cactus already but I’ll game to prop some taco :joy: :+1:

Taco plant! Ah now I see why, some of the names are brilliant.
Loving the skull planter!
Sorry no idea of ID but hopefully someone will know. Nice one Mildred! :taco::taco::taco::taco::taco::taco:

I would guess Cretan brake fern, ribbon fern looks similar also but Im a beginner so don’t count on that being correct :rofl:


I’ll pop some in the post Monday haha

@wendolina would you like one of I can separate it when I repot?


Yes please, that’s very kind thank you :+1::heart_eyes:

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Picked up one of those ferns today in an attempt to make friends with them after all my previous murder victims :joy: I think I know someone who can ID it…

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Pteris ensiformis :+1:.

Oh nice one, was I close? Lol. Mind you I only googled it, it’s not like I had any idea really :rofl:

Same genus :wink:

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Woohoo, not bad :grin::laughing::fist::herb: