I really can’t decide whether to part with my white princess. Make me an offer!

Please don’t be offended if I decline your offer, I’m really torn! I’d prefer to sell it but if you have a lovely enough Philo I might have to swap!

I have cutting from any of these or can root them for you. Happy to trade multiple
-philodendron micans
-sweetheart philodendron
-string of turtles
-crassula marnieriana
-maranta leuconeura (red) (already rooted with 3 leaves)
-pothos: golden and neon
-tradescantia sitara rooted pup

Hiya. Sorry, I’m looking for something a big rarer for this one x

Of course, I didn’t see the list of things you were looking for lol. I hope it finds a happy hope, with you or with someone else. X

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It has done! Off to the post office today x

Thank you for your interest thought :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hi there, I have Pink Princess Philo, would you be interested in a swap?

It’s sold sorry, but a very tempting offer. I’m sure they’ll be lots of others ready to snap that up x