I have variegated? marble queen

UK only.

What do you have to trade? With pics if possible :blush:
Quite a large plant this one.

@Wendolina We’re you interested in the Calathea Setosa? That’s a beauty of a Marble Queen :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

It’s huge isn’t it. That darker leaf is same size as my hand.
I’m not sure, I’ve a white star and as much as I love it its not the easiest haha. I’m managing it though in saying that… its the whole humidity thing.
Did you have donkeys tail?
Im undecided, it does look lovely.

I find mine have been fine, I just spray them each evening and they seem happy. No sorry, I only have a couple of burrito leaves that I’m propagating. Let me know if you change your mind about the setosa x

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Will do, I will see which bits I can take off as divisions, I’m sure I will be fine and I do like Calatheas. Yeah go on, let’s do this :wink:

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