I have several variegated monstera albo-variegata cuttings and more to trade

I am looking to trade…

I just cut up 1 of my monstera albo variegata plants. Each cutting has 1 leaf and atleast one air root. The cuttings have been planted in an aroid potting medium and are in my heated greenhouse under LED lights.

I also have the PLANTS below to trade
Burl marx
Elegans (Skeleton Key philo)
Pink Princess
‘Florida Beauty Variegata’
Tuxtlanum (Red Queen)

Ace of Spades
pedato-radiatum ‘Fingers’

Podophyllum variegata
Podophyllum mottled

I have a few 100 other aroids that I can take cuttings from to trade and over 100 varieties of rex, cane, and rhizomatous begonias that I can propagate if you are looking for a specific plant. Message me, I may have what you are looking for.

I am looking for rare aroids (monsters, philodendron, alocasia, anthurium, etc.) and rare begonias. A few plants that are high on my wish list include:

philodendron- melanochrysum × verrucosum, variegated Burle Marx, white wizard, white knight…

Any fancy leaf anthurium, rare begonia species, rare alocasia, or Thailand caladium varieties that I do not own.

I am NOT interested in Hoyas, Calathea, hybrid begonias, pothos, or other common plants. I do sell plants on etsy and will be listing over 100 rare plants as the weather warms and shipping conditions improve, some time in the middle of February. Check out https://www.etsy.com/shop/plantlifegurushop to purchase in the future.


I have a bunch of monstera cutting, rooted if your interested. I would be interested in your albo-variegated

I have:

black leaved rhizomatous begonia, looks like B. bowerae
Begonia ‘Lady Clare’
Begonia ‘Splotches’ . (a trailing begonia)
Begonia ‘cachuma’
Begonia ‘Lotusland’

What type of monstera? I have monstera Stilpicana. monstera adansonii (wide and narrow form), monsters dubai, and monstera deliciousa. I am interested in any monstera I do not have.

I have the deliousa, & adansonii, you got them. Thanks anyways :slight_smile:

Hi! I have a small variegated Burle Marx that I should be able to prop soon. If you’d like to get in contact, DM me on instagram @sleepykenplants

Hi! I have Verrucosum, Melanochrysum & Burle Marx Variegated. I would love to exchange cutting for an M. Albo cutting.

Hey there! I have a var burle marx and I believe a melano x verrucosum, as well as many other unique aroids. Would love to set up a trade.

Hi there. I am new to plants and plant swaps. I don’t think I have anything you would be interested in, but was wondering if you sell your Monstera Albo? I have been dreaming about this plant for a long time now :heart:!! Anyway, if this is an option, please let me know. Thanks and have a blessed day!!

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How big of a birkin are you after?

Don’t have much to offer but I do have String Of Dolphins and Some Calathea Warscewiczii if you’re interested:)

Hi, I have the following:

Painted Lady
Bloody Mary
Rhaphidophora Tetrasperma (small rooted plant with two stalks, not a cutting)
Lemon Lime (longer rounded leaf plant, not the standard heart shaped leaf plant)
Green Emerald
Red Emerald
Horse Head
Cebu Blue

Hi - I have a Thai constellation monstera (a few years old) I can take a trimming from, or would be willing to purchase if you are selling!!

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I have a baby Begonia Acetosa

Are you still looking for trades? I have a rooted painted lady top cutting and can also take fresh cuttings from other aroids I have!

@dhollander are you willing to sell any cutttings?

Hi - Do you still have cuttings available?

Hi! I can take monstera standleyana albo cuttings if you’re still looking for trades!

What monstera cutting do you have? also interested!

Hello Debi, I have a young pink princess for trade if you’re still interested.