I have several philodendron gloriosum plants to trade

I have several different sizes of philodendron gloriosum plants, not cuttings, to trade. I am looking for rare aroids. I am willing to trade for cuttings, if the size of the cutting(s), and/or rarity of the plant is comparable to the value of the size of gloriosum you are intetested in. The picture is 1 of the large gloriosum I have availble for trade. Check out my collection on the facebook page Plant Life Guru. I am open to trading almost any plants I have pictured.


I’m interested in trading! I have a silver sword philodendron, a variegated monstera standleyana and a philodendron birkin to trade. They’re all full plants. Let me know what you think. : )

Hello, I would be interested in a gloriosum, and would be happy to trade a Painted Lady cutting, Alocasia lauterbachii plant, or other things. My insta is leafed.coast so let me know if there’s something you’d be interested in!

I have large well rooted plants of Black Ripple alocasia, if you are interested in a trade for them. Plants are about 14-16 inches tall.

Hi! Checking in to see if you’re still open to swapping plants. Thanks!!

Also here wondering if you’re willing to trade still!

Hi! I’m very interested and have some things you may be interested in.

What I have to offer:
-many “tree philodendron” seedlings that are very happy and young

The following I would need to propagate (and make sure they develop good roots of course) but I am glad to so long as you can hold onto a gloriosum until it is ready:
-monstera dubia
-piper parmatum
-alocasia Sarian (hyb a. Zebrina x a.micholitziana)
-p. Burle Marx
-variegated p. Burle Marx
-p. Ring of fire
-a couple unusual unknown hoya varieties
-monstera Thai constellation (id want more than one gloriosum in exchange)
-Calathea musaica
-a couple unusual varieties of dischidia
-p. Billietiae
-p. Corsinianum
-p. Domesticum
-p hasatum frieling’s gold
-p panduraforme
-p quail gardens
-p mexicanum
-p calkin’s gold
-alocasia odora
-p ecudadoriense
-p “hope”
-p moonlight
-p selloum /bipennifolium (because I also have slightly more mature to take cuttings from in addition to the seedlings)