I have one Philodendron 'Pink Princess' cutting ( very small)

Hello! I have one small Philodendron ‘Pink Princess’ cutting that’d I’d be willing to sell or trade for. To see what I’m looking for, please reference my last post. As I said there, I’m also open to new and unusual plants that you wouldn’t typically find. Thanks for reading this!

I would love to swap if you want some cebu blue.

I’d be i interested in paying for a cutting. What’s your insta?

Where are you located?

Apologies I was able to get a cutting of pink philo.

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Hey @ESS I’m still interested

Sorry, but I’m no longer looking for Cebu Blue. Thanks for the offer!

I’m in the US so I think it’s going to be difficult to trade :(.

Oh :-/ no worries. Hope you find someone who wants to trade x