I Have a Rhaphidophora tetrasperma to swap

I am looking for:
-Variegated string of hearts
-Pink princess
-Micans philodendron
-Variegated monstera

I have Micans I can trade for your rhaph tetra. I also have other plants I can list when I get home from work

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ok that would b grat if u can list it when u get from work :slightly_smiling_face:

Sansevieria moonshine
Hoya Bella
Variegated green Maranta
Hoya retusa
String of pearls
Variegated string of buttons

I would like to see a pic of your micans please

I also have micans if you want more :blush:

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@nherrera00 your Micans is much fuller than mine since I traded a bunch this summer

Mine has recently been growing a lot, it was dying on me the beginning of summer than I added more lights and bam it started growing again, I got lucky :confounded:

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i would love to swap for ur micans :heart_eyes:

Awesome! PM me and I can get some cuttings ready :slight_smile: