I have a lot i can trade

heart leaf philo
philodendron brazil
normal pothos
philodendron atom
monstera tetrasperma
monstera adinsonii

black velvet

calathea zebrina (zebra plant)
rattlesnake plant ( lancifolia)

Normal Rubbertree
Rubber tree tineke
Ruby Rubbertree
abdijan rubber tree
ficus ginseng

String of turtles
string of hearts
string of hearts variegated
scinapses pictum
pilea pepperomiodes
aspargus fern
Sanseveria variegated
mimosa pudica ( shy plant)
random heart shaped hoya??
Umbrella plant

i can provide pictures for all of them
I can send u cutting or full plants (depending on plant and trade

generally looking for anything not listed above (no succulents or cacti pls)
but especially seeking:
Philo Micans
monsterra borsigiana
ficus moonshine
string of hearts silver glory

Hello, I have a micans cutting I can send. Would be interested in seeing a photo of the Hoya, monstera tetraspema and philodendron atom please :blush:

Hi Julia, I’ve sent you a private message :slight_smile:

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from my philo atom ild take out a bulb to send it

Hi Julia,

I’m interested in your

heart leaf philo
rubber tree tineke
rubber tree abdijan
rubber tree ruby

I do not have any of the ones you are especially looking for but I can offer you cuttings from:

Syngonium Erythrophyllum ‘llano carti road’
Epiprenum Pinnatum Njoy
Aglaonema Maria
Aglaonema Key Lime
Tradescantia Pallida
Pink-White-Green Coleus
Pink Angel Wing Begonia

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no sorry u have nothing im really interested in

no worries. maybe next time.

Hello @Marie. I’m interested in your Aglaonema Key Lime! Are you after anything in particular to trade? I have some heart leaf philo, micans, and lemon lime cuttings but plenty of other plants too.

Hi Sophie,

I sent you a dm.

Hi would you be willing to trade an atom bulb for a micans cutting?

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Hey Marie,

I have hearth leaf philo, interested in your Syngonium Erythrophyllum ‘llano carti road’ and
potentially the other ones.

Would you be interested in an exchange.
Please see my exchange post here:

Hi @Marie,

I’m interested in Syngonium Erythrophyllum ‘llano carti road’ To buy or to swap. I’m in Switzerland. Thanks