I am new to plant owning and am willing to trade the listed plants for your offers

I have:
begonia rex
spider plant
mother of thousand
elephant bush
fiddle leaf fig
banana plant
onion plant
angel trumpet
dark purple wandering jew
kalanchoe elephant ear
and golden pothos

if you are interested please reply thank you so much!

I have wandering Jew, and a few other vines, geraniums, burros tail and a few others you haven’t listed. Let me know if you’re interested

hi I’m interested in your burrow’s tail, and what other vines do you have?

I don’t know names. I’ll take some pictures tomorrow when the sun’s up.

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oh okay thanks i understand lol!

So apparently, I have 2 different wandering Jew. One a deep purple and one a solid green. I also have “devil’s ivy” and arrowhead vine and a little English ivy. I can get you a piece of medicinal aloe or ogre’s ears.
On another note, I am loving the leaf snap app. It’s surprisingly accurate.

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hey, do you have a picture of your arrowhead vine? i am interested but I do have a few and don’t really need one that I already have lol

I’ll get you one when I get home from work. It’s the most common, slightly veriagated kind

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