Hoya polyneura and/or hoya loyceandrewsiana cutting for trade

Hi!! :revolving_hearts:

I am looking for a couple of basics for trade. I would be okay with trading a cutting of my Hoya polyneura or hoya loyceandrewsiana for any of the following

• Hoya sunrise
•Hoya gunung gading
• hoya meredithii

Thanks for looking :sparkling_heart:

Hi, I don’t have sunrise, but I have obscura. Thing is though, I am in the process of a trade and still waiting to hear if that’s the cutting she wants to trade. Just want to make contact in case you’re interested and if this other trade doesn’t happen. I’m interested in loyceandrewsiana. Thanks!

I do have obscura, thank you though

Alright, good luck your hoya search! :slight_smile:

I’m guessing you have these, but would you be interested in a H. obovata, linearies, wayetii, and/or bilobata for the polyneura?

Would you be interested in Hoya Bella?

ive got a sunrise cutting for hoya loyceandrewsiana