Hoya obovata for pothos manjula

Hi plant friends,
I have hoya obovata verigata cutting and looking for pothos manjula.
If anyone interested in a swap?

Hi Aisha, I have a pothos manjula, I haven’t taken any cuttings from it yet as it’s been a bit cold and it’s small-ish so I didn’t have any reason to want to yet but I would love your obovata cutting and could take one from the pothos to root for you or send it unrooted however you’d prefer?

Hi there,
Thank you so much for your reply. I would love to swap my hoya for your manjula pothos. Its too cold at the moment and i am afraid that the cuttings will not survive and die in the transit. I think its better for the plants health to wait for good weather. Hope you woulf understand.

Hello Id love a swap as I have pothos Manjula, neon and marble queen. Let me know!