Hoya Callistophylla Long Leaf

hi there, i have a rooted hoya callistophylla long leaf that I would like to trade. I am based in London but I am happy to ship to Europe too. Hoyas generally ship really well. I would love a fish tail/obovata hoya cutting/plant if any of you have one? Also happy to trade for any plant I may not already have!


Hi, do you want to trade for one of these plants?
-hoya linearis
-hoya rebecca (one node with 2 leaves)
-hoya krinkle 8
-philodendron birkin
-ZZ raven
-sansevieria kirkii coppertone
I’m on vacation so I’m not sure if they’re alive so I’ll contact you on 03.08 and maybe I’ll say you what else i can trade because i don’t know all of my plants straight of my head.

Hey, I can swap a fish tail cutting if you like, I’m based in the U.K. too :blush:

You still have cuttings of the hoya callistophylla?