Houseplant swap

Hii!! I have cutting of:

● Philodendron melanochrysum

● Syngonium wendlandii

● Syngonium podophyllum

● Hoya linearis

● Variegated Monstera deliciosa (plant and cuttings)

● Monstera siltepecana

● Rhapidophora tetrasperma

● Philodendron hederaceum

● Philodendron hastatum silver sword

● Philodendron micans

● Philodendron birkin (different plant sizes)

● Philodendron brasil

● Neon pothos

● Pothos njoy

And I am looking for

● Philodendron verrucosum

● Variegated and non variegated Philodendron burle marx

● Philodendron gloriosum

● Philodendron florida ghost

● Philodendron mamei

● Syngonium frosted heart

● Syngonium Albo

● Maranta Leuchonera variegata

● Maranta lemon lime

● Variegated Dischidia Oiantha “Diamond”

● Anthurium dorayaki

● Amydrium silver

● Anadendrum affine

If you have any questions pls ask!

Instagram: @plants_happy_plants


I have mamei nodes and many of the other plants on your list. I would love to swap with you for variegated monstera deliciosa.
I’m in the UK

Hi there i have rooted verrucosum cuttings in sphagnum hardening of from my heated propagator, iv’e never had a syngonium might be time to change that ? If your still looking?

Hello i would be interested in Philo.melanochrysum and or variegated monstera cutting.
i have a syngonium red spot cutting that is rooting in water, a syngonium podophyllum tri-leaf wonder and pink princess philodendrons

Hi, are you looking for trading any of these plants?

  • Neon pothos
  • Golden pothos
  • Black princess philodendron
  • Watermelon peperomia
  • pancake plant ( full plant or stekje)
  • a few begonias
  • Marbled queen hoya
  • Hoya carnosa ‘krinkle’
  • Variegated sanseveria
  • Micans pothos

Hi there tomato i’d be intersted in hoya, couldn’t find marbled queen hoya on google is that also called crimson queen?

Hey! Yes it’s a Hoya Krimson Queen and I also have a Hoya Carnosa compacta.

What do you have available for a swap? :grin:

Hi again iv’e got some nicely developed philodendron verrucosum in spagnum and some philodendron melanocrisum cuttings nearly put out first leaves i would be interested in your hoyas and i can send up to date pictures of my propagations if you like?:grin:

Hey sorry for the late answer!
So I just realised I was not really clear in my previous messages, I have no yet rooted cuttings but I’d be up to trade some unrooted cuttings with you if that’s also what you are looking for!
I could cut a few nodes of the plants you’d want!

I have 4 types of Hoya that I’m joining pictures of:

The philodendron verrucosum and melanocrisum cuttings both sounds amazing! :grin:

Let me know what you think!
And btw do you come from the EU excluding UK?

Hi there they look good i’d definately be interest in the krimson queen and the tri colour ( i have the other two) i am in the uk sadly living under the brexit i didn’t vote for😢, so this may well be a problem with transit time especially for the verrucosum. Heres some pictures any you can just see the melanocrisum through the misty propagator

Hi Jonathon,
That’s really bummer that Brexit happened :frowning: I looked up how much it would cost to ship some cuttings over to you, and the main problem is that I would have to provide some phytosanitary certificate which I don’t have anymore or I never had when I bought the plant.
Do you know a way around that rule maybe ahah?

Your babies look amazing!!! Even more sad now :(((

Hi! Are you still looking for a syngonium albo?