Houseplant swap

Hii!! I have cutting of:

● Philodendron melanochrysum

● Syngonium wendlandii

● Syngonium podophyllum

● Hoya linearis

● Variegated Monstera deliciosa (plant and cuttings)

● Monstera siltepecana

● Rhapidophora tetrasperma

● Philodendron hederaceum

● Philodendron hastatum silver sword

● Philodendron micans

● Philodendron birkin (different plant sizes)

● Philodendron brasil

● Neon pothos

● Pothos njoy

And I am looking for

● Philodendron verrucosum

● Variegated and non variegated Philodendron burle marx

● Philodendron gloriosum

● Philodendron florida ghost

● Philodendron mamei

● Syngonium frosted heart

● Syngonium Albo

● Maranta Leuchonera variegata

● Maranta lemon lime

● Variegated Dischidia Oiantha “Diamond”

● Anthurium dorayaki

● Amydrium silver

● Anadendrum affine

If you have any questions pls ask!

Instagram: @plants_happy_plants


I have mamei nodes and many of the other plants on your list. I would love to swap with you for variegated monstera deliciosa.
I’m in the UK