Hi,looking for rare philodendrons and/or variageted monstera

Hi there! I am a new plant maniac and am looking to expand my collection! I have some rare plants,but they’re too young to take cuttings from,so right now I’m more into buying plants.I am desperately looking for cuttings of :
Philodendron Gloriosum,
as well as for Variageted Monstera.I don’t need an established plant,small cutting will do :slight_smile: I know these plant are in a high demand right now and are SO expensive so I’m not expecting that someone will well them but still,had to try.

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I’m on the hunt for a couple of those too, I would try


They sometimes sell cuttings and the plants come nicely wrapped and healthy. I have got a few philodendrons from there in the past, what philodendrons do you have? as we may be able to do a couple of swaps it we have different ones :blush:

TheRarePlantShop is opening today and has loads of rare aroids including all the ones you listed and plenty of variegated monstera and Thai constellation, araflora, eastern tropics is a good one, rootd.sheffield sell variegated monstera cuttings, replant.nl… instagram is the best platform you’ll find loads on there