Help, is my Crassula Rupestris dying?

Should I cut off the new growth, is it still alive??

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It looks perfectly healthy to me

Oh good, I was just concerned the stems were dead and water couldn’t get to the new growth

Hmm I don’t think so, but you’ll know if the leaves on it start dying (of course different from when they naturally lose leaves), but from what it looks like it’s just bark developing. Also if the leaves start to get wrinkly, then there would be a problem w/ not enough water. If you give it a drink and it doesn’t help, then the stem might be dead, but you can always propagate :slight_smile: hope this helps

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I gave it a drink and the leaves are loosing their plumpness, it feels Dead and dried up, I might propagate

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Oh no! yeah, i would propagate then :frowning:


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