Hello! Anyone into Peperomias?

Have some peperomia caperatas to trade: burgundy & silver - looking for pink lady & orange lady
Currently rooting a piece of my neon pothos, holler if you have something to swap
Nursing a brass leaf philodendron back to health, rooting cuttings for trade

#HAVE peperomia caperata burgundy
#HAVE peperomia caperata silver
#HAVE peperomia neon pothos
#HAVE brass leaf philodendron

#WANT peperomia caperata pink lady
#WANT peperomia caperata orange lady
#WANT interesting begonias

Do you have a Caperata ‘Rosso’? Or an Obstusifolia marble or variagata? I also have a ‘Hope’

I have none of what you’ve mentioned for trade

I do not have a rosso. I do have a plant that “might” be an obtusifolia, although the edges of the leaves look a little odd because they are serrated and not smooth, and the leaves are small for what I think a normal obtusifolia would have (picture attached).

I have a burgundy ripple that I could trade for a rosso.

The picture you have attached looks like a variegated form of kalanchoe, not a peperomia. I’m not an expert though.

Thanks! I will look it up. The plant is an “assorted foliage” rescue from a grocery store floral department & I’ve been trying t figure out what it is for a while.

By the way, I do have a variegated peperomia, but at the moment, it’s so itty bitty I don’t dare take any leaves off to propagate. Will keep an eye on it. Hopefully it will start busting out more foliage in the spring.

Add me on Instagram if you have it. I’m @ninjava

What is a brass leaf philodendron?

I have several varieties of pothos to trade: marble queen, jade, golden, pearls and jade.

Brass leaf is sometimes called Velvet Leaf. Pic of my baby attached. :slight_smile:

I have a neon pothos, but would love to trade cuttings for any of your other varieties.

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I sent the maybe-kalancho whatzit to PlantDaddy.

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Thats Good, I’m glad

I’d love to trade some of my golden, or Pearl’s and jade, or satin pothos (silvery anne - scindapsus Pictus), or my philodendron brasil for your brass leaf philodendron as well ss your neon pothos if its large enough for a cutting?

I could snip a vine off of my brass (or velvet . . . it’s showing up with several different names when I search for philodendron micans) & trade for satin pothos. I do have a piece of neon pothos in my rooting jar & could swap for either golden or pearls.

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Do you have an Instagram that we can DM each other on?

IM = ferrierkat

I think if you click on my logo, it will take you to a DM feature.

By the way, I have two plants that I think are stunners, Pilea Mollis and Hemigraphis alternata “exotica” (a.k.a. snow white waffle plant). Snow White is far prettier than the picture shows. The lavender veining against the white is stunning. Both plants have rooted sections that I could pull out for trades.

I have peperomia “bamboo stalks” and a couple different begonias. Interested in peperomia caperata silver and pep caperata burgundy!

I love Peperomia plants!! I have a few beautiful varieties and I have a few begonias if you’re still interested in trading. I have a beautiful begonia maculata and a my special angel begonia. Those are 2 of my favorite cane begonias and I also have a few rex begonias. I have over 200 plants and always looking to add something I don’t have to my collection :seedling::seedling::seedling:

My only begonias are a rex & a tiger paw (tiger paw = cuter than heck). I have a lot of variants of peperomia caperata - my absolute favorite is Harmony’s Midnight Wave. Also have a raindrop, rugosa, axilaris & something that was sold to me as a “wolfgang krahnii” - looks like a taco leaf . . . and an obtusifolia . . . and a pixie lime & variegated pixie lime and a ginny and . . . well, there are a lot lurking around in my sun room.

The rugosa & axilaris are getting very leggy (Seattle isn’t great for succulents - no light). Rugosa has a great metallic sheen on it & would probably benefit from being cut back.

Attached pics:
Tiger Paw - the one on the left was rooted in water & is in a West-facing window - the one on the right is in a South-facing window.
Harmony’s Midnight Wave - the leaves are REALLY glossy. The plant is very low maintenance & grows like crazy. It has doubled in size in the last year.

Are you still looking to trade?