Have: ZZ Raven, Monstera Peru, Adansonii + more

Hello! :herb:

I have some plants and cuttings to swap:

  • ZZ Raven (rooted) x 1
  • Hypoestes Pink Splash (rooted) x 3
  • N’Joy (rooted) x 2
  • Micans x 1
  • Brasil x 3
  • Adasonii x 2
  • Monstera Peru x 4
  • Manjula x 1
  • Coleus x many!

I’m looking for these plants but I’m happy to consider trades for something else; show me your interesting, curious looking, or uncommon plants!

  • Hoyas
  • Caudiciforms
  • Caladiums
  • Aglaonemas
  • Anthurium Clarinervium
  • Variegated String Of Hearts
  • Ficus Elastica Shivereana ‘Moonshine’
  • Calathea Beauty Star
  • Rhaphidophora Tetrasperma
  • Sansevieria Moonshine

Hi I have Hoya Sigilatis that I can take cutting.
Your philo lemon lime is a plant or cutting?

I’m definitely interested in the Hoya Sigilatis. My Lemon Lime are cuttings, unrooted but they’re all a good size with plenty of nodes and some aerial roots.

These look great.ican take 2 cuttings with at least 4 nodes on each and Hoya a

linearis cuttings for your all 3 cuttings. If you are happy then please pm me so that we can proceed.

I’ve DM’d you @Aisha :slight_smile: