Have : x Alworthia ‘Black Gem’

I should really say i am making a guess at their ID as I bought mummy as a ‘succulent’ but I’m pretty damned certain.

These are the rooted offsets I separated off my mother plant

I’m not after anything specifically so just lemme know what you got if you’re interested :laughing:

I have some Gasteria, Crassula or Sansevaria? Also a tonne of Kalanchoe daigremontiana

I only have one gasteria, I can’t remember his Id :scream: but this is him…

He’s a skinny tall fellow.

Looked at my purchase history and he’s a bicolour apparently so I’m game for any other :smile:

I believe mine is Gasteria pillansii which produce the lovely pink flowers.

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Awesome! I can post Monday to save it from hanging round over the weekend if that’s cool?

Heyheyhey! How many of the sansevierias have you got? I got some leafs you may like? Got two kalanchoe tomentosa (panda plant) starting to sprout roots and the echeveria runyonii (topsy turvey) I can send as leafs as pups don’t travel well in the post and they appear so quick anyway! I also got some sedum rubrotinctum (jelly beans) if you havent got any already? Or even crassula ovata gollum? I’m not so confident on my leaf picking of my other echeverias as they don’t give over so easy and have to be done perfectly to be viable :unamused:

I have a few!
I’d love a panda plant! So cute! I’ll pick you a good one to go with your gasteria!