Have whale fin sansevaria, micans, syngoniums berry allusion, maria allusion ,and red plumb allusion

Hey, hope yall are doing good!
I have the plants listed available for trade:

whale fin sansevieria
philodendron micans
Syngonium berry allusion
syngonium maria allusion
syngonium red plumb allusion

I’m currently looking for antheriums, philos, syngoniums, and hoyas
if yall are interested, feel free to make an offer, thank you!! <3


Is your whale fin variegated by chance?



no it isnt, sorry :sweat_smile:

No problem, I just already have the plain green version :blush: Ty!

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awe okay, wish you luck on finding a variegated one! :two_hearts:

Ty so much :heartbeat: I’m glad you’ve got a lot of syngonium, they’re one of my favorite plants and are so underrated. They deserve more hype than they receive!

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Hi there. Are you looking for any specific philodendrons or syngoniums? I have a bob allusion syngonium (full plant), a green congo philodendron (full plant) or I could take cuttings of other vining philodendron I have. Let me know if anything interests you. Have a great day.

I’m interested in a whale fin. I have confetti and strawberry Syngonium, and Hoyas: obovata, pubicalyx, australis, and carnosa compacta. Let me know if you’re interested! My Instagram is my.jungle.abode you can DM me there!

hey there! the whale fin was just claimed yesterday, I forgot to update this :sweat_smile: are you interested in any of the rest? or just whale fin? :two_hearts:

hey im sorry, the whale fin was just claimed yesterday, thank you so much for the offer! if i get a pup or see any at my nursery i’ll make sure to dm you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

i also have scindapsis exotica if youd be intrested in that, just lmk ! :))

I was interested in the micans actually.

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Oooo okay great!! So what do you have?

Bob allusion syngonium or a green congo philodendron

Unfortunately i do have those, but thank you so much for the offer!! I hope you find some micans​:smiling_face_with_three_hearts::two_hearts::sparkling_heart:

Hi Krystal! I have some P. Micans cuttings and would love to trade for a green Congo philodendron cutting.
My insta is my.jungle.abode you can DM me there!!

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