Have: watermelon peperomia

I have full sized watermelon Peperomia plants and leaf cuttings if interested

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Oooo where did you get ahold of this? I’d be keen, but I think I’ve already offered all the interesting things I have in our previous swap :wink:
Happy to buy a plant online somewhere though!x

My mums friend is a horticulturalist and got hold of some for me! I can do PayPal and just send a whole plant?

I’d be interested! Happy to Paypal! How much?

£9 if that is okay? I’ll send you my email

I might have to hold off a little bit if that’s okay! Realise ive spent a fortune on plants recently! I’ll get back to you when I’ve got money if you like? Or maybe I’ll have something I can swap you by then x

Hi! I have Monstera Adansonii cuttings if you want to swap?

I’d love to! I only have leaves at the moment is that okay?

Hello! Is this still going? I’d be really interested in a cutting and would be willing to pay for it!

Do you have a photo of your plants? I would be interested in purchasing one if you are UK based :slight_smile: