Have: Watermelon peperomia! Not rooted

I live in Sweden and recently got a watermelon peperomia, so I’d love to swap some cuttings. I have other ones without damage on the leaf, if that’s an issue.


Hi, I’d love to have a Watermelon Peperomia. But what would you like in return?

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Hi, great! What do you have to offer?

So, currently propagating are just pileas, but I can take cuttings of Tradescantia Zebrina, Tradescantia Silla Montana, Neon Pothos, Ivy, and Holiday Cactus (red or white).
Also, I could take off a leave of one of my snake plants. I heard they can be propagated that way, however I never did that myself. (Trifasciata: just green straight growing, yellow/white framed leaves straight growing or the nest version, black coral nest, black jade nest, jade pagoda nest. Sorry, I cannot remember their botanical names :sweat_smile:).

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I’d love a tradescantia zebrina, if it’s not too much trouble! Please pm me :slight_smile:


Jag skulle jättegärna byta en stickling med dig :blush:
Sticklingar jag kan erbjuda dig är Monstera Monkey Mask och Pilspetsranka.

Vad bra! Jag kan inte riktigt bestämma mig över vilken av dina sticklingar jag vill ha, så om du vill byta båda har jag också en peperomia capetara eller ärtor på tråd som jag kan ta en stickling av. :smile:

Åh jag vill jättegärna ha sticklingar av alla dina haha :smile:
Jag har precis satt frön för röd basilika, skulle du va intresserad av en sån stickling med?
Skickar dig PM!

Hi! Do you have any more cuttings available to swap? :slight_smile:

I’m interested in a swap! Do you have any cuttings available? And what plants are you looking for?

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