Have/want looking to swap or buy

Hi! I’m new here and I’d like to share what I have excess of in hope I can trade/buy what I’m after!

  • a young established maranta network- can’t seem to make her happy, she seems to be very light sensitive in any of the windows of my flat (as you can see from her leaves).
  • established young blue star fern. Her older leaves are a bit crunchy, but she has constant new growth.
  • a small sized established palm of some sort.
  • a bromeliad aechmea blue tango new pup from my mama plant.
  • variegated epipremnum cuttings from my main plant (pictured below).
  • silver pothos cuttings.
  • A TON of tradescantia zebrina (rooted or unrooted, small or large) cuttings.
  • seven ctenanthe burle-marxii (?) fully established pups (pictured all together in one pot).

Looking for:

  • aroids, mainly colocasias
  • aspidistra variegated or Asp. shooting star
  • stromanthe triostar
  • monstera adansonii
  • tradescantia tricolour
  • maranta leuconeura
  • philodendron gloriosum
  • jewel orchid

Danai :hugs:


Hi I have three tradescantia tricolor cuttings to trade? I’d love some cuttings of your Pothos n’joy!

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I’d love to! Send me a message with your address and I’ll take some and send them over to you! :hugs:

Welcome Danai!

I have some Stromanthe tricolor babes for trade (see here for pic: Have: Peperomia caperata red) and would love a cutting of your velvet leaf philodendron that you mentioned in the other thread. I’m based in Germany, if you want to check how much shipping would be for you (it’s ~ 4€ for me, shipped in a flat box). Send me your address if you’re interested! :smiley_cat:

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Hi @Danai, I’m just outside Edinburgh so we might be able to swap things that are a bit post sensitive in future. For now I can snip of some of this Tradescantia if it’s one you’d like cuttings from. I’d love to know if your maranta/calathea network has survived, I‘ve been wanting one but too scared to buy incase I can’t keep it happy, and sounds like you’ve had the problems I was worried about.

My current Monstera cuttings (not sure if it’s Obliqua or Adansonii) are spoken for but when the parent gets a growth spurt in the next few month or so I might snip a bit off to water root if you are still trying to get some. Here is my parent Tradescantia from the front and with light shining through the back. I’d happily swap for some of your Tradescantia.

@Danai I’ve PM’d you to sort out the details! :grinning:


i would love some pothos nJoy cuttings :slight_smile:
i have hoya linearis? spider plants? if neither of them check out my ig @planty.vibes and let me know xx