Have: wandering Jews (purple or green), trailing peperomia, spider plant babies (all rooted)

Want: philo brasil, anything else easy to propagate!

I have string of hearts (not rooted) and will have cuttings from my monstera vine (can’t remember the name of that…)

I have this one growing a root in water as I type. I would swap for a spider baby! Unless you can find name of monstera vine (or is that the pic of it?) I have monstera adansonii already.

Oh, that’s a Philo brasil

Oh yes, the Adansonii is what I have. I would love to swap a spider baby for your philo brasil! I can send a picture tomorrow.

I just found this website yesterday so I have no idea how this works, if you could help me :sweat_smile:

Let’s do it! I’m just a few days older to this site than you. :wink: Have you shipped plants before? Do I just wrap in wet paper towel and put in padded envelope? I think we just share addresses and send packages!

I have shipped them before :slight_smile: I wrap the roots in a paper towel and put them into a plastic bag with a rubber band tied around it. I use a small flat rate box from the post office.

I’ll send you my address and a pic tomorrow :slight_smile: I can send yours on Monday!

Sounds good! I’ll do the same!

Here’s your baby :slight_smile: how can I send you a private message with my address? I see most people connecting on Instagram… if you want to do that, mine is @Cortneyrenee0

Hi! I’m @msmacrame. I just messaged you (I hope!).

I have a velvet philodendron I’m rooting, I’d be happy to swap that for a cutting of your monstera adansonii if you’re interested!

here’s a pic of the mother plant for reference! I’m new to this but I’m @beakbeakbeakbeak on instagram which seems to be a popular way of sharing DMs here, if that’s an option for you!

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