🌱 #have various to trade


I’ve pmd you Mildred x


Would you be interested in some Peperomia Rotundifolia?


I have some cuttings rooting already :blush: thank you tho


Hey, I have a monstera that I would be happy to take a cutting from if you are still looking?


I have just signed up here …
If still interested, I can offer to swap:

  • watermelon peperomia cutings
  • aloe vera (rooted or cutting)
  • white african violets (rooted)
  • begonia rex
  • variegated spider plant
  • streptocarpus golden dust
  • crassula ovata
  • haworthia
  • euphorbia trigona
    I would love sanseveria cylindrica or/and trifasciata and variegated silver/marble photos if possible.
    I am located in London area.
    Thank you.