🌱 #have various to trade

Hi. I’m a newbie here so here goes…
:green_heart: I have ready, rooted peperomia prostrata (or string of turtle shells as I call them) :grin::turtle:
:green_heart: Variegated string of hearts, limited rooted or can send clippings
:green_heart: I have ready established variations of fittonia (red, pink, dark green, light green, skeleton mosaic)
:green_heart: limited variegated silver queen/satin pothos, rooted or cuttings (propagating in water now).
:green_heart: ready rooted Sansevieria cylindrica, young but well rooted, or can send older selection if required.

:hugs: Im waiting for my string of pearls and beads to get bigger to use and I’ve variegated string of pearls very soon. Also, string of dolphins, which I will be propagating :hugs:

I would :heart: any variegated versions of plants (if I don’t have them already just ask), also ZZ raven, monstera green one, hoya Hindu rope (I think it’s called), watermelon peperomia, rubber plant various versions, Caladiums, living stones, neon pothos, philodendron pink, tradescantia zebrina, and more just ask me :wink:

Im in the North East of England x

@Wendolina Hi, I have a purple zebrina if you are interested? Can take fresh cuttings

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Hi. Oh yes pls. Was there something I could trade with you in particular? I can take photos to show you if thst helps :grin:

I’d really love the marble queen if that’s available? :heart_eyes:

No problem. I will have a look and see if I can get some rooted sections for you.

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Just to let you know that’s a Satin Pothos, not Marble Queen :wink:

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I’d still like some though please!

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Oh its funny you say that, I bought it as a variegated marble queen but when it arrived I researched it as it had a lovely satin soft feel to its leaves. They were being called marble satin, satin pothos or some even philodendron… my mind is baffled haha. So it’s defo satin pothos?

update it’s been changed to variegated silver queen on the website? Just to confuse lol.

I’m no expert but I’d say it’s def not Marble Queen, and looks like satin if you Google it. I’m sure someone else on here may have more knowledge of the different types.

Yeah you’re right, I googled marble queen after reading your message and its definitely not that. The leaves are beautiful and satin soft, gorgeous to the touch, I shall have to add marble queen to my want list haha. I’m off work Wednesday, if you want to send me your address I can sort clippings for you?

Hey! I’d be keen for some peperomia prostrata to fill my cutting pot abit as OH had managed to mangle most the bits I had :tired_face:
My bits for swapsies :blush:
Hopefully something takes your fancy?


hey there! i would love a variegated string of hearts, if there is any left! i have an actual marble queen or a variegated rubberplant i can take cuttings from, also lithops! :slight_smile: can take pictures, if you like!

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Hi Mildred, yeah thats no problem, I have lots. They are fragile however that’s the only worry. I will have a look at your swaps, thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Pics would be great thank you. I’d love some variegated rubber plant. Here is my var. string of hearts. She’s a beauty.

Oh I don’t have any lithops yet, that would be great x

so pretty! :heart_eyes: just remembered that i have an already rooted cutting of the rubber tree (this is a sign of too many plants, right? haha) - will have to take pictures of the lithops later.

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Oh I like a lot!!
Would you be up for swapping this one? I.could take up a rooted section of hearts?

yes, definitely! would love to. :slight_smile:

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Great. I will see which section is best for uprooting/travelling and send a pic to see if you like it before sending :+1:

you are wonderful, thank you so much!!

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