Have: Various succulents & more

I have multiples of the ones in this pic :laughing: :arrow_up::arrow_up:

Multiple topsy, prince & Elaine

There isn’t anything specific I am after so just let me know what you’ve got to trade :+1:

Hi Mildred! I’d be interested in pepperomia piccalo Banda or rosso! Is there anything in particular you’re looking for?

Hi @Mildred.DOOM I would love to trade for the Pachphytum bracteosum, Opuntea subdulata and both of the Peperomias if there still available?

I have these available to trade:
Chlorophytum comosum - Spider plant
Scindapsus pictus ‘argyraeus’ - Satin pothos
Coffea arabica - Arabian coffee
Sansevieria francisii -
Maranta leuconeura - Prayer plant
Ficus elastica - Rubber plant
Monstera deliciosa - Swiss cheese plant
Crassula marginalis - Calico kitten
Rhipsalis - Mistletoe cactus
Ceropegia woodii - String of hearts
Peperomia polybotrya - Coin leaf peperomia
Crassula ovata - Jade plant
Muehlenbeckia complexa - Maidenhair vine
Clusia rosea - Autograph tree
Sedum rubrotinctum - Jelly bean plant
Lemon pelargonium -
Delosperma lehmannii - Ice plant
Callisia repens - Creeping inch plant
Ledebouria socialis - Wood hyacinth
Crassula perforata var. - String of buttons (variegated)
Peperomia Rotundifolia - Creeping buttons

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Francisii would be awesome :grinning: and some rotundifolia :+1:

Oooo do you fancy some fatsia Japonica seeds to try too? I have a glut off my bush I can stick some in for you x

Absolutely. DM me your address and we can swap! :blush:

Hi there

If you have any peperomia piccolo banda left, I’d love to swap. I have loads of rhipsalis species, a peperomia rana verde young plant, rooted pellionia pulchtra, various hoyas and loads more stuff…

Best wishes, Louise

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Yes I’ve got some still :+1: which calathea do you have left please?

I can do divisions of calathea picturata, Maui Queen, or Burle Marx, if you fancy any of those.

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Picturata would be awesome :+1: I’ll DM you x

Convinced myself I can part with a couple more :joy:

A rooted Philodendron Brasil cutting

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Took some more Opuntia subulata cuttings

Also took opuntia microdasys (yes my hands are now itchy AF but I will never learn :joy:)
Euphorbia globosa, suzannae & trigona rubra :+1:

@Mildred.DOOM, I would LOVE that philodendron, but I’m sort of just starting out, so I don’t have a ton to offer in return. My post here shows what I have.

I have all those already sorry :blush:

Hello @Dangerous_houseplants! I’m really interested in some of your plants - are you interested in swapping for any I have? I’ve listed them all here :slight_smile:

hi @imsophiedavies thanks for that. I’m afraid I’ve already got all of yours that interest me! sorry about that. good luck with your swapping!

No worries - thanks for letting me know! :slight_smile:

Separated this today… A marantaceae but who exactly I’m not sure :joy:

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