Have: Various succulents & more

I’m interested in the top succulents, I have a bunch to trade like mother of thousands, ghost plant, etc :slight_smile:

Can I ask what the etc are please? I have ghosties and a MoT already :blush:

Let’s see, I have moonstones pink and blue, tiger tooth aloe, jelly beans, burro tail and if none of those interest you I can look more what I have at home

Its not that they don’t interest me I just have too many already :sweat_smile:I’ll look forward to hearing what else you have :+1: if not I can send some if you wanna cover postage… Obvs I’d prefer a trade but I understand x

Split my arrowhead awhile back and this part has settled nicely and is now up for trades. I’m pretty sure she is pregnant! Yay!! :grinning: abit hard to see as I am too jittery for the camera to focus :sweat:
Pot is 10cm across for scales but it’ll be sent bare rooted :+1:

I been plant faffing and two more guys with insane growth got the chop… Firstly I have lots of baby offsets off my echeveria setosa var. deminuta, he lives outside and I’m yet to picture him but I can for anyone interest in some offsets :+1:
And secondly my calathea network I got off the amazing @PlantJunkie has grown like crazy and I decided to chop him up and give him extra room to keep on growing like crazy and I now have this super cute offset available for swapses too…

For scale that pot is one of those 5.5 / 6cm pots :+1:
I’d love a white star or white fusion offset if there’s any around and I am into sansevierias ATM so if you have one to trade lemme know, I already have boncel, moonshine, laurentii, black dragon, cylindrica, francisii and mikado/fernwood :+1:
Obviously Im partial to Succies and cacti and there some of my wishes are euphorbia tirucalli, mayurnathanii, aeruginosa or lactea ghost… Crassula moonglow & deceptor, aeonium zwartkop, echeveria cubic frost, senecio stapleformis and I think that’s enough from my list :joy::joy:

Oh and this Maui queen cutting too

Oooh, I could take you a cutting of euphorbia tirucalli if you’re still after?

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Sounds fabulous to me! What did you fancy of mine? :blush:

Ha, I just scrolled up and down about 5 times! Maybe a bit of philodendron Brasil or if you have a smaller bit of network calathea or little trigona rubra if you have any of those bits left? Thanks!

I have a decent sized 4 leaf white star division I’d trade for the right plant? Do any of your sansevieria have babies? Or do you have any peps or hoyas? :blush:

Haha sorry I just keep adding to here instead of new posts and I am a propagation whore always making the babies… The rubra went to a new home today but I have brasil and network still yes… I’ll DM you :+1::+1:

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I’m not much of a hoya person :scream: I have my linearis but I’m loathed to cut him after I started to kill him but I’ve found him a happy spot now so maybe in the future! I have baby boncel, baby black dragon and laurentii of the sansevierias still I have a raindrop leaf I’ve been propping in water and its got as far as roots :joy: theyre bloody slow buugers. the other baby peps I think I sent? I get lost what I send where :sweat: and you already have a beautiful watermelon

Ooh I dont have a black dragon or laurentii yet, have you got pics so I could maybe decide between those two? :grin:



Omg I love them!! Just… need… to… choose… lol.

Honestly I’d go for black dragon… You can get laurentii often from wilko or asda… Though you’ll probably need to nurse them back to health a little. God knows how you can even get snake plants to look so unwell :joy:

Yeah I was thinking the same, they’re that bit harder to come by, and that’s a beauty! Defo, black dragon please… ah my god it’s so cute!! :dragon_face::snake:

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Check out black coral and silver blue too :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: obvs you’ve seen a whale fin :joy: gotta love an easy care beauty! And they’re one that’s good for bedrooms as them and Christmas cactus are the only ones that C0² to 0² at night :+1:

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Oh fab, I’ll have a look now. Love a good looking easy care plant haha :wink::grin:

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