Have: Various succulents & more

I can do divisions of calathea picturata, Maui Queen, or Burle Marx, if you fancy any of those.

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Picturata would be awesome :+1: I’ll DM you x

Convinced myself I can part with a couple more :joy:

A rooted Philodendron Brasil cutting

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Took some more Opuntia subulata cuttings

Also took opuntia microdasys (yes my hands are now itchy AF but I will never learn :joy:)
Euphorbia globosa, suzannae & trigona rubra :+1:

@Mildred.DOOM, I would LOVE that philodendron, but I’m sort of just starting out, so I don’t have a ton to offer in return. My post here shows what I have.

I have all those already sorry :blush:

Hello @Dangerous_houseplants! I’m really interested in some of your plants - are you interested in swapping for any I have? I’ve listed them all here :slight_smile:

hi @imsophiedavies thanks for that. I’m afraid I’ve already got all of yours that interest me! sorry about that. good luck with your swapping!

No worries - thanks for letting me know! :slight_smile:

Separated this today… A marantaceae but who exactly I’m not sure :joy:

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I’m interested in the top succulents, I have a bunch to trade like mother of thousands, ghost plant, etc :slight_smile:

Can I ask what the etc are please? I have ghosties and a MoT already :blush:

Let’s see, I have moonstones pink and blue, tiger tooth aloe, jelly beans, burro tail and if none of those interest you I can look more what I have at home

Its not that they don’t interest me I just have too many already :sweat_smile:I’ll look forward to hearing what else you have :+1: if not I can send some if you wanna cover postage… Obvs I’d prefer a trade but I understand x

Split my arrowhead awhile back and this part has settled nicely and is now up for trades. I’m pretty sure she is pregnant! Yay!! :grinning: abit hard to see as I am too jittery for the camera to focus :sweat:
Pot is 10cm across for scales but it’ll be sent bare rooted :+1:

I been plant faffing and two more guys with insane growth got the chop… Firstly I have lots of baby offsets off my echeveria setosa var. deminuta, he lives outside and I’m yet to picture him but I can for anyone interest in some offsets :+1:
And secondly my calathea network I got off the amazing @PlantJunkie has grown like crazy and I decided to chop him up and give him extra room to keep on growing like crazy and I now have this super cute offset available for swapses too…

For scale that pot is one of those 5.5 / 6cm pots :+1:
I’d love a white star or white fusion offset if there’s any around and I am into sansevierias ATM so if you have one to trade lemme know, I already have boncel, moonshine, laurentii, black dragon, cylindrica, francisii and mikado/fernwood :+1:
Obviously Im partial to Succies and cacti and there some of my wishes are euphorbia tirucalli, mayurnathanii, aeruginosa or lactea ghost… Crassula moonglow & deceptor, aeonium zwartkop, echeveria cubic frost, senecio stapleformis and I think that’s enough from my list :joy::joy:

Oh and this Maui queen cutting too

Oooh, I could take you a cutting of euphorbia tirucalli if you’re still after?

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Sounds fabulous to me! What did you fancy of mine? :blush: