Have: various cuttings. Want: thousand of plants :)

Italy based :it:

I have:

:shamrock: Tadenscantia tricolor, rooted
:shamrock: Clorophitum Comosum, lots of small/big rooted plants
:shamrock: Pilea Peperomides, around 10 plants medium size
:cactus: Rooted echeveria leaves (don’t know specific names), I could send a photo
:shamrock: Calathea Picturata, no rooted leaves, but I’ll put in water before sending
:shamrock: Monstera Deliciosa, same of Calathea
:cactus: Echinopsis white flower, no rooted
:shamrock: Zamicula ZZ Plant, just one cut left
:cactus: Hoya Krimson Queen (or Tricolor)
:cactus: Phachyphytum blu and pink (Moonstone succulent) some rooted leaves
:cactus: Opuntia subdulata
:cactus: Graptosedum blue (don’t know the specific name)
:cactus: Graptopetalum violet
:cactus: Crassula Hobbit
:cactus: Crassula Ovata (Jade plant) rooted, small plants or rooted leaves.
:cactus: Crassula Ovata variegated, I should send no rooted leaves, the plant it’s too small
:cactus: Crassula arborescens
:cactus: Senecio crassissimus
:cactus: Echeveria Pearl of Nuremberg (leaf rooted)

:cherry_blossom: Dendrobium Stardust Firebird

:shamrock: Fittonias
:shamrock: Calatheas (tricolor expecially)
:shamrock: Tradescantias (spathacea tr.)
:shamrock: Pothos (marble queen/silver)
:shamrock: Philodendros (expecially pink princess)
:shamrock: Begonias (fragant yellow, polka dot)
:shamrock: Montera Adansonii
:shamrock: Zamicula Raven
:shamrock: Dracaena bicolor
:shamrock: Alocasia Zebrina
:shamrock: Stromanthe sanguinea
:shamrock: Adeniums
:shamrock: Crassula tabularis
:shamrock: Peperomias
:shamrock: Bromelias
:shamrock: Maidenhair fern
:shamrock: Maranta
:shamrock: Hoyas (except Carnosa)
:cactus: Crassula springtime, umbrella, rupestris, estagnol, pagoda
:cactus: Senecio rowleyanum variegated,
:cactus: Sedum morganianum (donkey’s tail), burrito,
:cactus: Othonna capensis
:cactus: String of nickels (dischidia nummularia)

:cherry_blossom: Orchids: Botanic phalenopsis, dendrobiums, cattleyas, laelias and so on!

Feel free to ask me photos of my plants!

Hey, I have a Maranta leuconeura and a Peperomia polybotrya and would love to trade for Tadenscantia tricolor and Zamicula ZZ?

Hi Selina, yes I’d like to trade! I’ll write you a pm :wink:

I have fittonias, 6 colour variations, I can take pics? I also have peperomia prostrata?

Im interested in hoya carnosa var. and pilea peperomides :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi I would be interested in monstera and ZZ, I have maidenhair, various Calathea including tricolour and tradescantia of you’re interested :blush:

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Hi Chelsea, I’ll send you a pm :wink::+1:

Hi, please send me some pics via pm and I’ll do it too :wink::+1:

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Hi. I will get some pics in the morning, I’m at work now until 8am. Thanks x

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Hi, Hopefully you get these pics, I’ve had trouble with the site all day…