Have: various cuttings. Ledebouria ‘silver squill’ / crassula ‘calico kittens’ / Senecio herreianus Purple Flush / Chinese Dunce Cap

Ledebouriasocialis / SilverSquill

Senecio herreianus Purple Flush

crassula marginalis / crassula ‘calico kittens’


Hey! Is there anything in particular you are after? I’m not sure I’d have anything you don’t already have mind! x

Happy just to send, what do you have available at the moment ?

I’d be interested in some of these. I have various plants available.
:seedling:satin pothos
:seedling:spider plant
:seedling:variegated string of hearts
:seedling:eves needle cacti
:seedling:Sansevaria cylinder type young rooted
:seedling:English ivy
:seedling:fittonia, 6 colour variations
:seedling:peperomia prostrata

Do you have any others? Im after many plants :hugs::green_heart:

I have others and will be listing in the near future, but for the moment that is it

No worries, I shall keep an eye out, thanks x

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Hi plantjoy,

I’ve got a couple of pieces of euphorbia tirucalli in water with little roots.

Also a mystery (to me) succulent the roots very quickly from leaves

And I could send some new cuttings from this rhipsalis

I could also take some bits from a Swedish ivy, a nice furry tradescantia or a couple named scented pelargoniums?

Ooh, also have a piece of opuntia spinosior with diddy roots!

I’d really love some of the euphorbia , if that’s ok?
I’m ok for the others at the moment but thanks for the offer,
Would you like all the cutting I listed, happy to send.
I also have some Chinese dunce caps if you’d like some of these?
Anything else you are looking for?

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Hi, @Plantjoy I would love to trade for some of the Senecio if you have enough?
I’ve got these (I’m not 100% certain on species, my garden centre doesn’t label so I’ll send pics of anything you’re interested in to be sure)
Scindapsus pictus ‘argyraeus’ - Satin pothos
Coffea arabica - Arabian coffee
Sansevieria francisii -
Maranta leuconeura - Prayer plant
Ficus elastica - Rubber plant
Monstera deliciosa - Swiss cheese plant
Crassula marginalis - Calico kitten
Rhipsalis - Mistletoe cactus
Senecio rowleyanus - String of pearls
Ceropegia woodii - String of hearts
Peperomia polybotrya - Coin leaf peperomia
Crassula ovata - Jade plant
Muehlenbeckia complexa - Maidenhair vine
Clusia rosea - Autograph tree
Sedum rubrotinctum - Jelly bean plant
Lemon pelargonium -
Delosperma lehmannii - Ice plant
Callisia repens - Creeping inch plant

@wendolina would you be interested in swapping also? I would love some of the string of hearts and/or the pepeomia if they’re still available?

I’ve private messaged you Selina x

Hi Selina

Yes I have the the senecio purple flush. I’d really love some of the delopserma and also some pelargonium if you have spare?.
I also have somebody Chinese dunce caps of your interested ?
Can you dm me your address - thank you!

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Hello Plantjoy,
I’m interested in sume cuttings of crassula marginalis and the first picture that I guess it’s a Senecio.

I’ve got
:shamrock: Tadenscantia tricolor, rooted
:shamrock: Clorophitum Comosum, lots of small/big rooted plants
:shamrock: Pilea Peperomides, around 10 plants medium size
:cactus: Rooted echeveria leaves (don’t know specific names), I could send a photo
:shamrock: Calathea Picturata, no rooted leaves, but I’ll put in water before sending
:shamrock: Monstera Deliciosa, same of Calathea
:cactus: Echinopsis white flower, no rooted
:shamrock: Zamicula ZZ Plant, just one cut left
:cactus: Hoya carnosa variegata
:cactus: Phachyphytum blu and pink (Moonstone succulent) some rooted leaves
:cactus: Opuntia subdulata
:cactus: Graptosedum blue (don’t know the specific name)
:cactus: Graptopetalum violet
:cactus: Crassula Hobbit
:cactus: Crassula Ovata (Jade plant) rooted, small plants or rooted leaves.
:cactus: Crassula Ovata variegated, I should send no rooted leaves, the plant it’s too small
:cactus: Crassula arborescens
:cactus: Senecio crassissimus
:cactus: Echeveria Pearl of Nuremberg (leaf rooted)

Do you find something you would like? If yes, text me :slight_smile:

Hi happy to send those two. I’m trying not to take in any more plants atm so don’t worry to send back. Please dm me your details

I’m interested in the crassula marginalis and the ledebouriasocialis - what plants are you looking for? :slight_smile:

Can you dm your address

Happy to send these two can you dm your address. Thanks
Do you have a list of cutting you have available?

Can you DM your address .

Some of your plants sound great!! I have a huge Peperomia Rotundifolia Plant or some Echeveria Shaviana leaves :+1: