HAVE: variegated pothos, satin pothos, string of hearts, peperomia polybotyra, elephant ear, coleus fireball, string of buttons, massive aloe veras and spider plant babies

Hi guys! I have lots of lovely plant cuttings that id love to swap, in particular I’m after:
Hoya Kerri (actual cutting from a plant not just the one heart shaped leaf)
Philodendron pink princess :sob::heart_eyes:
Donkeys tail

But I’m open to all kinds of new plants so please let me know if you have anything you’d like to swap! All plants that I can take cuttings of are shown below :slight_smile: Thanks! X

hi! i am interested in your peperomia. i have sedum, starshaped sansivieria, jade photos, dracaena, anthurium andreanum and the hanging plant in my profile pic.

Would you be able to send over a picture of your dracena and sedum please?And what type of plant is the one in your pic? It’s so nice :heart_eyes:

i don’t know the name of the one in my pic, i will try to discover it.
but i just messaged you a pic of my dracaenas

Looks like a hoya but I’m not that clued up on them :smile:

it is a tradescantia, but thanks

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The pic is so wee… My stripey tradescantia is albo vittata :+1:

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Love the look of that second photo I a have a lot of philodendron micans, philodendron red emerald, pilea leafs, sansinervia, Christmas cactus that are all ready to propagate

The sansinervia

Hello hun! I’d love to swap some of your red emerald, pm me your address and I’ll get it sent out to you this week xx

I have literally joined this website today and am not shure how to pm

Click on my user name and then click message :))

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I can’t find it :man_facepalming:

I would love some string of buttons! I have some Peperomia Rotundifolia if you want?