Have: variegated monstera adansonii

hi all, i have a possible variegated monstera adansonii which i have to grow out before confirming and will be air layering

these were the plants i’m looking for:
-philodendron florida ghost
-anthurium veitchii
-monstera thai constellation
-philodendron pink princess
-philodendron burle marx variegata

i know these are all very rare so ofc i’m not looking for them all in the one trade.
and before anyone asks it has shown no signs of mosaic virus and i am quarantining it from all my other plants and am growing it out just to be 100% sure it isn’t mosaic virus.

if you have any other rare plants you would like to trade for feel free to ask!

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Hi! I am interested. I could swap for a pink princess philodendro cutting. Let me know if you are interested. Thanks!

Have Thai. PPP. Var Burle Marx. and Florida Ghost. Are you able to ship to USA? A node in the mail may work. :seedling:

yes of course, the shipping may be pricey but we can work something out over email.
my email is alexgilbert531@gmail.com

hi, my email is alexgilbert531@gmail.com we can talk there