Have: Ugly plants 🙃

1 x Crassula Ovata (Sunset?) – with red edges. Plant is currently in a 12 cm pot, would behead and send all cuttings unless someone prefers the whole plant

3x Rhaphidophora tetrasperma (sometimes called “dwarf monstera”), almost 1 year old plants, one is small enough to send whole I think, one other I would take a cutting from, one cutting is already rooted and in water

Most plants listed above were outside over this long and hot summer, and don’t necessarily look their best (see pics).


1 x Ceropegia woodii, rooted, actively growing. Just for scale: currently in a 9 cm pot.

1 x Philodendron scandens Brazil, rooted cuttings, still in water

1 x Epipremnum aureum (Pothos), solid green, rooted cuttings, currently in water

Located in Germany, can post across the EU for p&p.

Are you giving these away?

What are you looking for in return? I don’t have any of these!:grin:

Hiya! I absolutely love the drawf monstera :sob: below are all the plants I have for cuttings, pleas let me know if any interest you as I’d love to swap!

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What are you looking for? I’m very interested in the Rhaphidophora tetrasperma and have lots of plants :blush:

Yes - if postage and packaging costs get covered.

I’m just looking for p&p this time around.

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Well, I’m not looking to swap…you can have a Rhap tet cutting if you’re happy to cover p&p.

Just p&p is fine. Would you like a cutting or the rooted one?

Oh no problem that’s great! How much would p&p be?

The rooted one would be fantastic, please! Let me know how much p&p is (I’m in the UK) and where to send payment (PayPal?) :blush:

If you have any tetrasperma left i’d be keen :+1:
Keep telling myself no more plants :joy: but its not ever day you see this babe on offer :heart_eyes:

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Nice collection :relaxed: I’m really interested in the philodendron Brazil and rhapidophora tetrasperma cutting! Is it still available? I’m based in Belgium, how much would p&p be?

Interested in the Ceropegia woodii and crassula :slight_smile: happy to cover postage :slight_smile: and happy to swap if you’re interested.

So p&p would be 5,50 Euro (= 5 GDP).

Plus @Mildred.DOOM @ldv @dabriplants

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Ok perfect! Where can I send paypal to? :):grinning:

Sounds good to me :+1: :smiley: can you pm me you PayPal address please x

Sounds great to me too! Will PayPal you x

Is there any Raphidophora Tetrasperma (mini monstera) left? i am super interested :slight_smile:

Hey everyone, hey @ariaserplus,

lots of interest for Rhaph tet, sadly I have a limited amount. I’m currently waiting for people to get back to me to work out the details, as it stands now all Rhaphs are gone. In pursuit of fairness I’m giving them out on a first come/first serve basis.

To @ldv & @Mildred.DOOM : will PM you tomorrow.