HAVE: Tradescantia zebrina Chlorophytum comosum Carpobrotus crassula ovata Portulacaria afra Sedum ceropegia woodii


I have some cuttings rooted and unrooted available for swaps:

Chlorophytum : variegated and non variegated (rooted)

Crassula muscosa: (unrooted)

Tradescantia zebrina: (rooted and unrooted)

Carpobrotus: (unrooted – I will cut before sending)

Crassula ovata: (rooted and unrooted)

Portulacaria afra (Spekboom): (rooted and unrooted)

Sedum: (rooted and unrooted)

String of Hearts: (Rooted)

Kalanchoe daigremontiana: (rooted and unrooted)



Tradescantia tricolore

Lipstick plant

Kalanchoe luciae

I am especially interested in succulents:

Follow me on Instagram – SowandHope - and message me if you want photos. I am also happy to take cuttings from any of my plants if I am able to.

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Hi I have loads of tradescantia tricolor to spare to maybe swap with some string of hearts? Let me know.

Hi that would be great!! I’m not sure how we proceed from here. I am based in Gibraltar. Maybe you can send me a PM on instagram @sowandhope and we can make arrangements.

I’ll direct message you on here?

Ok no problem. I’ll wait for your message :blush:

Have you received it?

What do you want? I would love to swap, buy some cuttings for my little one!

Yes I received it and replied

Hi Mick

Are there any plants or cuttings you would particularly like?

Im quite keen on a variegated jade, tiger jaw succulent (faucaria Tigrina), sticks on fire (euphorbia Tirucalli ) or kalanchoe Luciae. They are at the top of my wishlist this week :blush: but to tell you the truth I would be happy to swap for any new succulent.

If you private message me and let me know what you have we can make arrangements.


Hello, I have Hoya, Rex Begonia (early stages), Tradescantia Zebrina, Tradescantia Fluminensis and possibly a few more. Depending on the stage they are at.

I am interested in the Hoya. What type is it?Do you have any pictures?

At the moment I can swap it for:

Chlorophytum comosum variegated and non variegated well rooted
Tradescantia zebrina
Crassula Muscosa rooted
Unidentified sedum rooted
Unidentified Haworthia
Crassula perforata rooted
Kalanchoe daigremontiana rooted
Carpobrotus unrooted
If none of the above are of interest I also have many other succulents that I have collected as cuttings and so are unidentified. At the moment I am away from home so I am not able to send any photos of the cuttings I have available. I will be back on the 23rd and can do so then.

Let me know what you think
Many thanks

Kalanchoe daigremontiana rooted and the Crassula Muscosa rooted are the ones I have interest in so either would be great. I’m told I have Hoya pubicalyx it was given to me by a friend before they left country.