Have Tradescantia Nanouk

I have 5 rooted Tradescantia Nanouk cuttings. Each cutting is about 3-6" in length (as pictured). It is an easy growing plant that has brilliant pink, magenta, and green leaves. The final picture is the mother plant.

I would love to swap for small cuttings of the following plants:
Hoya mathilde
Hoya cumingiana
Hoya fitchii
Hoya davidcumingii
Other interesting hoya :slight_smile:
Variegated albo syngonium
Variegated string of hearts
Ludiscia Discolor

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I have a hoya lanceolata/bella if you’re still looking

I would really love a T. nanouk! Have been wanting one for quite some time haha. I have Hoya bilobata and H. curtisii if you’d be interested in either of those! I also have a tiny bit of VSoH but idk if it’s big enough to get a cutting from yet XD