#HAVE tradescantia, green spider plant, aloe vera, Echevaria

Hello Lovely house plant people :slight_smile:

My collection isn’t quite as exotic as many of you have but here is what I’ve got too many of :wink:


  • Two green spider plant babies
  • African violet rooted babies / fresh leaf cuttings
  • Aloevera rooted babies
  • Red Geranium rooted and unrooted cuttings
  • Red Begonia (not sure exactly - maybe red rose variety) just trying my hand at rooting some leaves.
  • Tradescantia tricolore - one rooted cutting and can take fresh cuttings
  • Tradescantia zebrina purple - rooted cuttings, but she needs a trim again so also fresh cuttings available.
  • tradescantia pallida - some small rooted cuttings (10 - 20cm) or I can take some larger fresh cuttings.
  • Echeveria, leaflets growing new plants. It’s my first go but they seem to be thriving, one should turn out pink.


  • I would love a prayer plant
  • Different succulent leaves to try are also fun
  • Would really love a Calathea veitchiana but I probably have to save up for one of those - don’t know how they propopate and they’re probably not great for postage.
    Otherwise just let me know what you have there are so many beautiful and exciting plants :grinning: :green_heart:

Here are pictures of what I have listed above, some of the mother plants and some of the cuttings.