Have: tradescantia cuttings

After just giving this rather large yet neglected beauty a trim…

… I now have this jug full of cuttings for anyone who’d like them! I must have at least twenty stems and I think five cuttings would more than fill a pot in a few months!

Swaps appreciated but not necessary.

Hey, is there anything in particular you are looking for?

Gosh, I have a wish list as long as my arm but most would be out of this one’s league! My most wanted at the moment is a calathea warscewiczii. I love peperomias, pothos, philodendrons, tradescantia, but am interested in plants in general. I’m happy to send without a trade if you don’t have anything :blush:

Are you based in the Uk?

I am. Are you too? :+1:

Hey, just checking. Yes I am, I can put together a selection box for you including Un rooted cuttings of satin pothos, monstera Peru and some donkeys tail?

And a few other too :blush:

Wow, that’s so exciting (and generous!), thank you so much! How many of the stems would you like? If you DM me your address I will post on Monday. :grinning: