HAVE, Swiss cheese plant, string of hearts, string of pearls, pilea peperomioides, many succulents, callathea pin stripe

Looking for: begonia maculata, variegated monstera deliciosa, oxalis triangularis, rhaphidophora tetrasperma, pilea glaucophilia, monstera oblique or monstera adansonii :slight_smile:

I have a monstera adansonii cutting (I cut it from the mother plant today but it already had roots growing!) and I’m after a callathea pin stripe cutting if you’re happy to swap? :slight_smile:

I have a begonia maculata raddi, roots really well from cuttings. Need string of hearts or pearls if you want to swap :blush:

What succulents do you have? I have cutting of sinocrassula yunanensis if you’re interested.

Hello! I can definitely sort out some string of hearts cuttings for you (my string of pearls is looking a little worse for wear at the moment so not sure how well cuttings would do) if you’d still like to swap for begonia maculata :slight_smile:

Hi Sophie, sorry for the late reply. I’ve since gotten my hands on an adansonii but I could send you a calathea pin stripe cutting, I noticed you have a satin pothos if you would like to swap for that?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Oh yes please, @Rosebudcasson that would be perfect! :slight_smile:
Please DM your address and I can get a satin pothos cutting sent to you!

What succulents do you have?