HAVE Succulents for trade WANT other succulents or prolific outdoor plants

I have a flat of about 64 plants that I’m willing to trade (either individually or all 64) for prolific plants or succulents, aloes, etc.

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I have multiple Aloe’s including aloe pups small and medium sized as well as other succulents babies including sempervivium and echeveria, Jade, trailing Jade, zz plants, snake plants, pothos, etc. Let me know if you are interested. I can send photos.

Hello, you can check out my collection on instagram: @mazies7766_succulent . I would love to trade for any of these. Let me know if anything in my collection interests you.

@Aloemetogrow Hello, my name is Michael and I am the original poster of this message. Whatever is most prolific to you and you have an abundance of, I am always willing to care for. I just created more of my very special succulent soil mix and I have many pots that have not been filled. I haven’t had much luck with any snake plants because the dogs seem to like the taste of them :frowning: Anyway, I have a small hobby greenhouse now that can house many plants but there is ample space to use as well. Any aloe does well in my area as well as many varieties of common succulents. I’ve always wanted a zz plant for indoors but whatever you have that is prolific will do for me.

Thanks in advance, Michael.

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@mazies7766 Hello, my name is Michael and I live in South Central Texas. Do you have any plants in particular that you were looking to get rid of or do you just swap as is? If you have any plants that are particularly prolific (or in general abundance) I would be more than willing to accept those. I have many different varieties of succulents, primarily echeverias and jade, that I’d be more than willing to surprise you with unless you’re looking for a particular color (I have a echeveria perle von nurnberg or purple perle (either way, it’s not very prolific but it does have great color in the winter/fall time). Let me know through message or by replying to this, hopefully I don’t forget to check this later tonight or another day.

Sorry for the late response!

Marry Christmas and best holiday wishes,