Have: stromanthe sanguinea "triostar"

My mother plant was getting very big and shooting out a few new rhizomes so I did what any good plant addict does and separated off this baby to way way for the new shoots and I’ve decided to put her up for trades :grinning:
The pot its in is 12cm and from the bottom of the pot she stands about 30cms tall
I’m partial to cacti and succulents as well as house plants so make me an offer :grinning::grinning:


Hiiiiii :hugs: looks cute!!


Hi! I would be very interested please! I have various succulent and cacti, is there anything in particular you’re lookinh for?

Euphorbia trigona rubra or ghost and cubic frost are the only two cacti succies on my wishlist but I wouldn’t expect either for this triostar :joy: you’d have to say you what you got really

Hmm I have a small normal Euphorbia trigona but I’m assuming you’ll already have one of those :joy: I have lithops, sticky moonstones (it’s started to stretch a little as it didn’t like where it was) not badly but can always behead and start again with it. Copper spoons, a small unknown form of mother of millions and what I believe is a lophophora williamsi but you may have these already haha

I’m struggling with my internet ATM so you’ll just have to bare with me sorry… I actually don’t have the regular trigona as i am more often drawn to colours or lack of with the ghostie :joy: but regular is cool :+1: I’ll pm you my address if you can PM yours too I’ll hopefully get it while I’m out stealing public WiFi

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