Have: string of pearls, pilea peperomioides, maranta, scindapsus pictus, pothos brazil, golden pothos

I have one baby pilea peperomioides that is rooted and 2 maranta cuttings that are starting to get some roots too. The rest I could take cuttings from :v: also have a million spider plant pups :joy:

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I don’t really have a whole lot to trade as I’m starting to build my ‘urban empire’. Can swap for cuttings on a fittonia nerve plant? Green with white veins? I’ve never done this before!

Already present in my urban empire… :flushed:

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Hi I am interested in maranta, scindapsus or the golden pothos…I currently don’t have much to propagate other than Tradescantia minima (dwarf wandering jew) and I noticed you were looking for a neon pothos. My girl is quite small but I’m sure she could handle one cutting!

Oh if you could that would be great! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: message me with your address and stuff :v::seedling:

I have the following are they of any interest?

Anyone interested in swapping the following?

Also have a rex begonia

@Mickdaplantman already in posession of the ones pictured :confused:

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That’s a shame I also have a Hoya and Jade plants.

Cool what kind of hoya plants? Do you have pics?

I’d be interested in Brazil, maranta and pictus.


Hoya pubicalyx


Lovely Hoya this Mick :heart_eyes:

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@plantJunkie I love this one, do you still have some cuttings available for trade? I have s. pictus and p. brasil if you’re still looking x


I have one rooted cutting left. I can send you a picture later. I’d love to trade.

This is the last on it only has small roots but they won’t take long to get established

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@plantJunkie oh yes would love to swap too! I’ll message you x