Have: string of hearts

:seedling: I have a couple of cuttings of string of hearts that were rooting in water but that I’ve now put in soil, with some of the little potato ‘nodes’ buried too to see if they root. Happy to leave them to see if they grow bigger but if anyone has a Watermelon Dischidia cutting, preferably rooted, or a Neon Pothos cutting, I’d be very happy to swap.

:seedling: I’m in Scotland, would prefer to post within UK only.

:baby_symbol: Please bear with me if I’m a little slow responding or posting anything out, baby due in 3 weeks, could pop any time!

Hello, @Mimly! Still looking for pilea peperomioides??

Hello, sorry for late response, email went to junk folder! I am, but have just recently potted up the string of hearts cuttings as I thought no one wanted them and hadn’t got to taking this post down :frowning: I’d send you a potted one but they’re all in the one pot :confused:

If you want one I can take one out of the soil for you, I think it would be fine, has only been in a few days. Or can pot up separately, not sure what’s best!